The vehicles fleet is updated and ISO 9001 and FSC® (license number FSC-C125945) certifications are renewed. Customers can ask for FSC® certified products.


Starting from R&S activity started one year before begins the implementation of a new management system. This guarantees Maroni a better management of the most complex products integrating components, sub-components, internal and external processing in a more functional way.


A medium-long term R&S activity is launched, this will allow Maroni to increase internal know-how and the network of external collaborations, in order to make Maroni the ideal “head-contractor” supplier for its customers. In this way, Maroni offers itself as a reference for the entire production chain on behalf of the customer, freeing him from the technical-management operations and allowing the customer to dedicate his own resources to strategically more important activities.


Website is updated. Thanks to new full screen images, clients can look closely at details about possible solutions and production.


Thanks to the R&D process, it becomes possible to work with new materials, like Nylon, Carbon Fiber and different kinds of rubber.


Maroni buys a 5-axis CNC machine with 4800 x 1800 x 1200 h mm working area, widening opportunities for Clients.


Maroni buys a second laser marker unit equipped with galvo-head and sealed CO2 laser source


Upgrading of the IT system for technical research and development.


Purchase of a laser-engraving and marking machine, to enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of the business.
Maroni attains ISO and FSC® (license number FSC-C125945) certification.Customers can ask for FSC® certified products.


Acquisition of a 2500m2 manufacturing/logistics facility.
Purchase and upgrading of the range of CNC machinery, now comprising 10 workstations.
Activation of the water-polishing system.


Construction of a new wing at the facility, with an expansion of the shop floor by 1,200m2, taking the total manufacturing space to over 6,000m2.
This year also sees the publication of the sitewww.extremewoodworking.com.


Maroni purchases another lathe, this time a 5-axle model with the main function of producing samples and prototypes, taking the total number of CNC machines in the company to 7.


Maroni becomes a joint-stock company. A 4-axle, 12-head, 8-tool CNC workstation is acquired.
The concept of Extreme Woodworking, which encapsulates the expertise and experience that Maroni has to offer, is created.


Thanks to the experience it has accumulated – and to its constant dedication to producing results through research – Maroni has the confidence to start using high-performance materials other than wood, including Corian, HPL, Forex, Plexiglass, aluminum and brass.


Acquisition of the adjacent research laboratory and construction of new offices on a site now extending across 4,000m2.


Installation of the first CNC workstation: Maroni becomes a supplier of high-technology wooden components.


Opening of a new 3,000m2 facility at No. 18, via Europa.


Opening of a new 1,000m2 facility at No. 2, via Europa, as the workforce increases to a total of 20.


Installation of the first woodworking machines. From the outset, Maroni develops a reputation for its dedication to the development of new technologies that generate greater production capacity.
Also in this year, the company starts to build up relationships with overseas clients (in France, Canada, the US and Germany), which are soon consolidated.


The first wave of expansion increases the workforce to 10, and the business transfers to a 200m2 site in Via Ariosto.
In the same year, the company takes part for the first time in an international trade fair in Milan (Sasmil/Interbimal), followed by appearances at similar events in the United States (Atlanta, Los Angeles and Colonia).


Maroni was launched as a one-man wood carving business in a 25m2 studio, at No. 5, Via Toti, Cabiate.